Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Stuff

Alright, so here's some stuff I was dicking around with this week. First, just some sketchbook pages:

Not my proudest work, but I guess that's not what this blog is for. Anyway, the next couple of things are for a piece I'm working on for Russ, it's going to end up being a kid scared in bed with the covers pulled up, surrounded by monsters. So far I have the first two monsters pretty well planned out, but I still need to come up with the third monster and then arrange all the elements, pencil, ink, etc. Hopefully you'll watch it come together pretty soon, and it'll go from crappy pencil sketches to a finished piece:

I have no idea why that last one is on it's side like that, when I open it on my computer it looks fine. Anyway, tilt your head for fun eyeball drippy monster fun! the last couple of things are more finished products of sketches I've put up in the past couple of weeks. One is an inked picture of that crocodile from before, and the other is the (almost) finished watercolor of that wine bottle for my dad's cellar:

Sorry, this post doesn't have that much stuff I really loved, hopefully next week will be better.

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Lauren said...

haha it's interesting, you're kind of like me artistically in that you have a distinctive style and yet you have many styles. These are all wonderful to see, that crocodile is money and the kid in the bed is awesome!
Keep it up, these are all fantastic!