Friday, May 22, 2009

well, it's time to start using this thing

I've been encouraged by my aunt cynthia to start actually using this thing to post random art projects i'm working on, as well as (mostly) just stuff that i end up doodling in my sketch book. i have a long way to go before i'm even close to being as good as some of the other sketch-blogs i read, and i figure keeping this site updated might keep me drawing as much as i possibly can. let's see if i get any better.

anyway, the last thing i posted, the tree head lady, was something i did about 2 years ago, when i inked a lot of the stuff i had in old sketch books. i'll be posting those here and there, too.

first, here's a small sketch of a painting i am going to do for my dad's wine cellar:

and here are some things i've done in the past couple of days at work and while watching tv. ignore the notes, they won't make any sense


if you're one of my friends reading this, you'll see that there's a tiny caricature of jimmy fitzner at the feet of that gross monster.

i've been sort of into drawing long crooked noses lately, in case it wasn't glaringly obvious. just something i've been doing the last couple of days.

alright, well, i'll have more later hopefully


Cynthia Azma said...

Great Work!!!
Love it..keep going, never stop. Aunt Cynthia

Emily said...

heyy its your cousin emily :)
i love your sketches they are so amazing!! never stop
i love and miss you bye